18 febbraio 2016


  Project management, technical assistance, evaluation

1. We conduct thematic tables between the project partners and provide support to the establishment of Scientific Boards;
2. We guarantee the support activities, monitoring and evaluation of the efficiency of the partnerships (networks), in multilingual and multicultural contexts
3. We coordinate activities of budgeting, accounting and financial management.
4. We follow the reporting to the managing authorities

 Pilot of training initiatives to reimagine education

1. We activate pilot training through specific projects to promote educational research, reflection and rethinking of traditional approaches
2. We analyze the training needs of the world of work
3. We organize courses in not formal and informal learning contexts
4. We encourage community building process creating opportunities, learning and sharing environments
5. We facilitate participatory processes and the creation of supportive environments for the development of communities of people

 National and transnational project design

1. We identify the national, regional and local calls for proposals
2. We provide assistance in all phases of design from the preparation of the work plan and the identification of the technical documentation
3. We create partnerships with public and private stakeholders including policy makers, associations, businesses
4. We elaborate projects for the technical, content-related and financial (budget and financial bid) parts
5. We follow the design and preparation of project proposal based on the characteristics of the call and the needs of the partners.

 Actions and strategies of sustainable development

1. We promote actions of territorial transformation and policy change
2. We work on the territory and in urban areas to make them more sustainable
3. We develop and promote the valorisation of culture and landscape at local and at European level