18 February 2016

Communication Strategy

  Communication strategy, branding, websites implementation

  • We develop communication and exploitation plans and strategies, on how to make the stakeholders, the project partners and other relevant actors aware about the project goals and initiatives;
  • We carry out promotional tools and branding, such as: project logo, visual identity, infographics, leaflets, brochures, etc.;
  • We set up and maintain websites, including project information, objectives, outputs, news, discussion forum, etc.;
  • We organise social media campaign, using the most popular social networks;
  • We enhance engagement of the wider community, through the organisation of workshops, conferences, seminars, and other kind of events;
  • We organise co-design activities among the partners through regular exchanges (e.g. meetings, peer-learning and peer-counselling activities) in order to share educational outcomes with a public audience;
  • We ensure the internal communication and collaboration between project partners, through the implementation of a set of virtual tools.