25 March 2019

Complex Projects Design

 National and transnational project design

  • We identify the national, regional and local calls for proposals
  • We provide assistance in all phases of design from the preparation of the work plan and the identification of the technical documentation
  • We create partnerships with public and private stakeholders including policy makers, associations, businesses
  • We elaborate projects for the technical, content-related and financial (budget and financial bid) parts
  • We follow the design and preparation of project proposal based on the characteristics of the call and the needs of the partners.
  • We actively participate into programmes of the European Commission, to answer the regional, National, European policies and strategies in the field of education, culture, innovation, social policies, starting up
  • We are realising projects to favour employment, professional growth and career, territorial and economic sustainability, social cohesion
  • We guarantee the support activities, monitoring and evaluation of the efficiency of the partnerships (networks), in multilingual and multicultural contexts

We have a long reaching experience in European projects and programmes (e.g. Lifelong Learning; FP 5, 6, 7; H2020; Tempus; Interreg and Territorial Cooperation; Life; Erasmus+, etc.). We regularly cooperate and assist a number of public and private institutions and organisations in activities related to project management, project evaluation and monitoring, as:

    • Autonomous Province of Trento;
    • Province of Rimini;
    • Province of Ravenna;
    • Ministry of Cultural Heritage;
    • Department of Agricultural Sciences (University of Bologna);
    • Climate-KIC
    • Emilia-Romagna Institute for Cultural Heritage;
    • University of Modena ad Reggio-Emilia, etc.