Simple Piloting in Spain

The pilot programme was implemented last 23/04/2021 ONLINE via Zoom. The target were 44 trainers in Continuing Professional Development and students interested in the SIMPLE methodology and results.

Operational SIMPLE Partner Meeting, 29 March 2021

The meeting was carried out in a very practical way. It’s main objective was to present and test the final version of the IO4 “Learning Pathways to socio-economic inclusion” and the organisation of the piloting phase in each partner country. Partners have had the opportunity to work in groups and discuss/peer review all developed materials. Proposed topics Leggi di piùOperational SIMPLE Partner Meeting, 29 March 2021[…]

Top 10 ranking for migrant integration includes five EU countries

5 European countries have been placed in the top ten of a ranking for the integration of migrants, in 2020. Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, and Portugal were all found to be some of the world’s best countries when it comes to helping refugees assimilate into society.Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas clearly supports a more integrated EU, Leggi di piùTop 10 ranking for migrant integration includes five EU countries[…]

SIMPLE Coordination Meeting, 1.03.2021

The Coordination meeting was divided in two parts: managerial one  concentrated on the monitoring of developed activities and operational one focusing on the piloting phase of project’s deliverables. The SIMPLE outcomes (Narrative technique and Learning Pathways) will be piloted in 6 countries: Sweden, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Spain. During this meeting the “Piloting Guidelines and Reporting” has been Leggi di piùSIMPLE Coordination Meeting, 1.03.2021[…]

SIMPLE Project Meeting – work in progress

The Second Project Meeting was planned to be hold in the Netherlands but due to the covid restrictions was organised online. The main objective of the meeting was the monitoring of the development of the porject. Conclusion of the IO2 and revision of the IO3 “Handbook for practitioners:materials and tool”.

Simple Learning Activities

On the 27-28 May 2020 the Simple Training took place in online format. About 25 educators, operators, facilitators participated, with the aim to learn more about the Simple methodology and the Approdi experience with migrants