The BLEEP project is about digital inclusion in the broadest sense. We will create and implement an innovative, creative, Europe-focused blended learning platform for all (ex-)prisoners.

This will be done through the cooperation between nine organizations, Click F1 as project leader with the support of CHAINS and Stichting Exodus Zuid-Holland from the Netherlands, Kocaeli Open Correctional Institution from Turkey, STEPS from Italy, Innovative Prison Systems and Direcau-Gneral de Reinsercao e Services Prisionais from Portugal, Penitenciarul Bucharest Jilava from Romania and European Prison Education Association, a European network


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  • Could you please provide more details about the collaboration between the nine organizations involved in the CREATIVE SCHOOL project? What specific roles do these organizations play, and how will their cooperation contribute to achieving the project’s goals of promoting creativity and critical thinking among teachers?

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