SMS Newsletter #3

The SMS project brings together partners mirroring its target groups: 2 non-profit association (SE) and 3 SMEs from UK, PT and IT all with extensive experience working on projects to support disadvantaged groups in Adult Education to build skills linked to increasing Social Capital (building social networks for greater individual potential) and social inclusion of female Leggi di piùSMS Newsletter #3[…]

Empowering older workers through coaching and personal branding – Multiplier event

The project “Empowering LTUs” focuses on adults over 45 years of long-term unemployed and aims to give them the opportunity to experience success through personal development, creative thinking and recognition of their own possibilities. The project provides support and training to professionals working with unemployed adults (career counselors, trainers and teachers), as well as the Leggi di piùEmpowering older workers through coaching and personal branding – Multiplier event[…]

Joint training staff event of GARDENStoGROW in Rome

GARDENStoGROW is an initiative coordinated by Explora, the children’s museum of Rome. The partnership includes: 2 children’s museums, 1 foundation, 4 schools, 4 universities and research centres from Italy, Spain, Northern Ireland and Bulgaria.GARDENStoGROW Urban Horticulture for Innovative and Inclusive Early Childhood Education is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Leggi di piùJoint training staff event of GARDENStoGROW in Rome[…]

SMS meeting in Malmoe

2nd SMS Partners’ Meeting and Train the Trainers session, 19 – 21.09.2018 For the second time SMS partnership meets this time in Malmö, Sweden! There were a total of 20 participants representing all partner institutions: International Women’s Organisation (SE), Inova Consultancy (UK), AidLearn (PT), WiTEC (SE) and STePS (IT). This meeting offered us the possibility Leggi di piùSMS meeting in Malmoe[…]