Empowering older workers through coaching and personal branding – Multiplier event

The project “Empowering LTUs” focuses on adults over 45 years of long-term unemployed and aims to give them the opportunity to experience success through personal development, creative thinking and recognition of their own possibilities. The project provides support and training to professionals working with unemployed adults (career counselors, trainers and teachers), as well as the unemployed over 45 years of age.

During the Multiplier Event, which will be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 in Madrid at International Lab, we will have the opportunity to present and bring to our target audience the activities that have been developed throughout the life of the project, as well as the 4 results that have been generated:

  • Inventory of skills and competencies needed in the current labor market by unemployed adults and by professionals who work with them (job counselors, trainers and teachers).
  • Manual of employment strategies and training tools to motivate and activate the return to work of unemployed adults.
  • Recommendations addressed to work counselors and trainers based on strategies, methodologies and practical tools that serve to empower and activate unemployed adults.
  • Video “Create your personal roadmap for success”.

More info at http://www.europeannetforinclusion.org/activity/empowering-long-term-unemployed-next-event-madrid-8

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