Bioethical Education and Attitude Guidance for Living Environment or BEAGLE is a bioethical project funded and approved by the European Union (Erasmus+), which brings together international partners from the Mediterranean Pool with the aim of promoting open education and innovative educational practices. 

The purpose of the project is to develop concrete guidelines for bioethical education that will assist teachers in implementing higher order skills, especially critical thinking. Additionally, with the development of educational materials and manuals BEAGLE will further improve the development of teaching staff, and the available materials will also address the practical application of educational strategies – such as organizing and conducting bioethical workshops, developing Socratic dialogue, etc. Given that the project is devoted equally to students and teachers, the focus will be on the conduct of bioethical workshops with the aim of developing bioethical values ​​and critical thinking in students. Furthermore, BEAGLE will develop a transnational school curriculum for bioethical education in which will revise the current representation of bioethical values ​​and critical thinking in schools. Ultimately, the development of the BEAGLE online archive and bioethical education network will link all teachers and educators across an open platform that will optimize the exchange of experiences and encourage faster implementation of innovative methods.
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