THINKIDS vuole progettare e testare un “approccio all’apprendimento autentico” basato sulle competenze chiave dell’Unione Europea per l’apprendimento permanente e sugli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile delle Nazioni Unite, per aiutare gli educatori e i bambini (di età compresa tra i 3 e gli 11 anni) a trovare la coerenza tra ciò che pensano, ciò che vogliono Leggi di piùThinkids[…]


Bioethical Education and Attitude Guidance for Living Environment or BEAGLE is a bioethical project funded and approved by the European Union (Erasmus+), which brings together international partners from the Mediterranean Pool with the aim of promoting open education and innovative educational practices.  The purpose of the project is to develop concrete guidelines for bioethical education Leggi di piùBeagle[…]


The project will address the field of ethics and values education and focus on empowering Early Childhood Care and Education (ECEC) pre-school and primary School Professionals to learn about values based on 3 pillars: ethic values (personal values – one “self”); democratic values (as we live in society –One “self and the others”) environmental values Leggi di piùAval[…]


LITTLE is coordinated by the Irish independent NGO EDUCATE TOGETHER that runs schools that guarantee equality of access and esteem to children irrespective of their social, cultural or religious background. LITTLE also involves three European partners, the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Petit Philosophy (Croatia) and STEPS (Italy). It will run over three years and includes Leggi di piùLittle[…]


Healthy Teachers and Professionals in Education, financed by the LifeLongLearning Programme, aims to develop and implement an internet based interactive and appealing training proramme that supports teachers to develop higher sensitivity towards the handling of their esources, to reflect their strategies, to become acquainted with alternative ways of acting and to establish them as far Leggi di piùHelp[…]

Creative Museums

Creative Museum aims to analyze how cultural institutions – especially museums – are connected and communicate with their community of citizens and other local organizations, taking advantage of the better use of digital technologies to ensure the rapid transfer of information. The project aims to facilitate the transformation of museums in dynamic environments for learning, Leggi di piùCreative Museums[…]


EDUTEACH – Continuing Education to Preschool Teachers and Education Directors through Online Trainings – intends to design, test and implement a modular training program adapted to the needs and interests of those responsible in education and care for young children (0-6 years) across Europe. The set of individual project includes the development of a series of Leggi di piùEduteach[…]