SMS – Social Media = Social capital

SMS brings together partners mirroring its target groups: 2 non-profit association (SE) and 3 SMEs from UK, PT and IT all with extensive experience working on projects to support disadvantaged groups in Adult Education to build skills linked to increasing Social Capital (building social networks for greater individual potential) and social inclusion of female migrants in partner countries using social media.

SMS Newsletter 1 – IT

SMS Newsletter 2 – IT

SMS Newsletter 3 – IT

SMS Newsletter 4 – IT

Overall Aims:
To develop an innovative learning methodology (building on previous UK methodologies) where learners engage in 6 hard skills modules in Social Media Skills followed by 5 soft skills reflection sets- Mentoring Circles™ .
To train women migrants/refugees in digital media skills to improve their social integration into their host countries and to promote their future employability and entrepreneurship prospects.


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