Happy Teacher’s Day!

In out job, teachers & educators are extremely important. Why? Together we:  🟩 promote research & reflection and rethinking of traditional teaching and learning approaches 🟩 co-create innovative OERs (handbooks, learning materials) 🟩 pilot out-of the box approaches  Thank you to all the teachers, actively involved in our initiatives:  #ThinKids: proposes a practical “authentic learning Leggi di piùHappy Teacher’s Day![…]

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Thinkids validation workshops

Key competences for lifelong learning in school curricula. THINKIDS validation workshops with teachers & educators. In October we are running consultation sessions with educators to hear the voice of the practitioners about 24 resources we have developed for Early Childhood Education sector. All resources (OERs) are available on our eHUB: https://thinkids.eu/ Do you like the THINKIDS Leggi di piùThinkids validation workshops[…]

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Collaboration between STEPS and Sokhumi State University

Quality visit at the Sokhumi State University in Tbilisi. STEPS is responsible for the quality evaluation within the Capacity Building project Psychological Counselling Centers For Students E-PSY Which is the result of the project? Thanks to this initiative coordinated by Sokhumi State University, 9 psychological counselling centers for students at partner universities in all regions Leggi di piùCollaboration between STEPS and Sokhumi State University[…]

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MyCred4Home in Spain

How to increase the visibility and value of learning taking place outside formal education and training systems? 🎯 This is the main question of #MyCred4Home#Erasmus+ project, which intends to:💡promote social and professional inclusion through micro-credentials and validation of non-formal and informal learning in the Personal and Household Service (PHS) sector.What we have achieved by now?⛳ The Benchmarking Report: Leggi di piùMyCred4Home in Spain[…]

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LabMovie in Salamanca

LabMovie Project meeting in Spain at Universidad de Salamanca, STEPS srl is represented by Roberto Righi. The project is coordinated by Università degli Studi di Padova @career centre UNIPD and implemented in the partnership. 💫 Aim of the project: Creation of LABOUR MARKET OBSERVATORY IN VIETNAM UNIVERSITIES in order to analyse and understand the local labour market and acquire information about Leggi di piùLabMovie in Salamanca[…]

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LabMovie in Hanoi

LABMOVIE Project Meeting in Hanoi, hosted by Hanoi University of Industry. STEPS is in charge of #evaluation activities. Roberto Righi and Marta Tybura represented STEPS during this meeting. 💬 What is about? The LAB-MOVIE Project, inspired and started by the Career Service Università degli Studi di Padova aims to create a Labour Market Observatory in Vietnam universities in order to analyse and understand the local labour market Leggi di piùLabMovie in Hanoi[…]

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THINKIDS vuole progettare e testare un “approccio all’apprendimento autentico” basato sulle competenze chiave dell’Unione Europea per l’apprendimento permanente e sugli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile delle Nazioni Unite, per aiutare gli educatori e i bambini (di età compresa tra i 3 e gli 11 anni) a trovare la coerenza tra ciò che pensano, ciò che vogliono Leggi di piùThinkids[…]


ETHIKAS intends to support migrant women social and sustainable entrepreneurship via human centered approaches equipping with the skills, knowledge and mindset needed to build a system that works for all: society, the economy, and environment. This aim is further developed by the following specific objectives and activities that, based on the typical framework of Design Leggi di piùEthikas[…]

Silent Book

Il progetto Erasmus+ SILENT Book promuove l’inclusione e la diversità, l’uguaglianza e la non discriminazione tra tutti i cittadini e le generazioni, a beneficio dell’inclusione di migranti e rifugiati. Il “GIARDINO DELLE IDEE” è composto da 16 SEMI (attività che permettono ai genitori di dialogare con i bambini sulla loro identità e sui loro valori) Leggi di piùSilent Book[…]