Silent Book

The SILENT Book project promotes inclusion and diversity, equality and non-discrimination among all citizens and generations benefiting inclusion of migrants and refugees. “GARDEN OF IDEAS” is composed of 16 SEEDS (activities empowering parents dialogue with kids on their identity, values) facilitating cultivation of FLOWERS (elements of intercultural mindfulness).  Picture books are metaphorical gardens, windows, mirrors Leggi di piùSilent Book[…]


THINKIDS is an Erasmus+ project proposing to design and test a practical “authentic learning approach” based on the EU key competences for lifelong learning and the UN Sustainable Development Goals to support educators and children (ages from3 to 11) find coherence between what they think, what they want or feel, and what they do. THINKIDS Leggi di piùThinkids[…]


4C’s PROJECT builds competencies for educators and students around the four 21st century skills (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication) to respond to the need to digitally transform the way in which students are engaged. Project website available soon